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Weight management doesn't have to be a challenge. Now with the help of science and intensive research, there are a lot weight management programs. Some of these programs are even personalized to your unique body type. It helps you to lose or even gain and maintain your ideal weight.

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Dr. David Heber
David Heber
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Healthy Weight Management

Managing your weight with Herbalife is easy as 1 2 3. Drink 2 Herbalife healthy meal shakes a day. Continue to eat a main meal of your own choice and take the Herbalife tablets 3 times a day with your meals. This is how I lost my weight and how so many other people around the world archived the ideal weight with the Herbalife program. Herbalife have different programs depending on your body's needs. Contact me today and I will help customize the right program for you.

Call +60 012-3470888 or email at mail@mayslim.com to know more about Herbalife Products.
Get Slim With Herbalife

What The Herbalife program can do for you.

Many Malaysians struggle to lose excess weight.
Poor eating habits, lack of exercise, stress and a busy lifestyle make it difficult for many people to reach their ideal weight and achieve optimal health.

The Herbalife Weight management Program

  • Helps you control calorie intake. Help retain muscle mass by providing quality protein. Protein can also help control appetite.
  • Increase your vitality and energy
  • Protect your Cells by balancing nutrition
  • Live an Active lifestyle exercise and Stay Fit.

If you have never used Herbalife before we suggest you start with a free consultation by person or by phone. Click on Free Evaluation learn more or book it now.

If you are ready to order Herbalife products please contact me at: +60 012-3470888

We will do our best to make your herbal life buying experience a pleasant one.

We offer fast delivery within Malaysia via currier. Payments can be made with Bank transfer or by credit card via Paypal.

The Science behind the Success of Herbalife Products

Doctors, scientists, researchers and chemists have made it possible for Herbalife to provide you with products to improve your health and nutrition. Herbalife is committed to developing products backed by thorough research and development. Herbalife can guarantee the highest quality of products. Herbalife's priorities have always been the safety, efficacy and integrity of the product.

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See HERBALIFE in Action

Herbalife is an active sponsor of many international sporting events, teams and individuals. Herbalife continue to support athletes and teams in their quest for excellence in sports.
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Herbalife Sports Sponsorship