Herbalife Business Opportunity

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Herbalife at Glance

Established in 1980, Herbalife is a nutrition company known for providing products that promote active and healthy life to the global community.

The Founder and hid Vision

Herbalife was founded by Mark Hughes. It has always been his aim to provide brilliant future to the people in a way that has not been practiced by any other individual. He has achieved such aim through the following:

• Helping people to improve their lives by promoting better nutrition through innovative products

• Providing business opportunity to the global community

Herbalife has livened up with its vision until today. The death of Hughes in 2000 did not stop Herbalife to continuously strive to reach its goals and objectives. He has helped thousands of people in changing their lives for the better by doing the following:

• Teaching proper weight management

• Providing ways to regain their health

• Building opportunities to reach financial prosperity

Herbalife Thirty Years and Beyond

Herbalife has successfully played its role of providing the global community with numerous opportunities to help improve their lives for over 30 years now. Mark Hughes, the founder and first distributor of Herbalife is definitely smiling from where he is now because of the success that the company is enjoying right now-product of the company's hard work in bringing good nutrition to the people and providing unparalleled business opportunity.

• 1980 – 1989

February 1980 marks the most significant event in the Herbalife History because it is the date when Herbalife was finally launched in Los Angeles, California. From his car's trunk, Mark Hughes began changing the old style of network marketing by selling his original program out. The first products to be launched were the N.R.G., Formula 1 and Formula 2. The First President's Workshop was then led by Mark Hughes on January the nest year. Few months after, Herbalife launched its skincare and hair product lines. Just after a couple of years in the business, Herbalife was able to expand the company and build their first warehouse at 5741 Buckingham Heights Parkway, Culver City, CA as well as headquarters at Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, New Zealand and Israel.

• 1990-1999

1990 is a milestone for Herbalife because it is the year when the company celebrated its 10th year in the business.

Herbalife became even more prosperous opening several headquarters in countries like France, Portugal, Hongkong, Japan, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Poland, Sweden, Russia, Austria, Brazil, Finland, Greece, Chile, Indonesia, Botswana, Turkey, Jamaica, India, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands, Argentina, Belgium, Denmark, Philippines, Taiwan, Switzerland, South Africa, Norway, Korea, Thailand, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland, Iceland and Slovak Republic.

The company launched more campaigns and health programs to effectively achieve the company's goals and objectives.

Mark Hughes showed his philanthropy by founding Herbalife's first charitable institution called Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF).

"Greater Los Angeles Entrepreneur of the Year Award" was received by Mark Hughes.

Mark Hughes has once again proven his compassion by opening an orphanage at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil which he called "Casa Herbalife."

• 2000-2009

Herbalife celebrated its 20th Anniversary in the industry Herbalife enjoyed prosperity even more through the expansion in numerous countries including Cyprus, Ireland, China, Latvia, Macau, Singapore, Bolivia, Peru, Costa Rica, Zambia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Panama, Colombia, Croatia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malaysia, El Salvador, Romania, Honduras, Ecuador and Paraguay.

Herbalife was able to help victims of typhoon, tsunami, wildfire and earthquake from countries like Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Italy and Australia by raising money through its products. The product line of Herbalife was further enhanced by the introduction of new types of personal care programs and products. Herbalife was introduced as the Official Sponsor of the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team in Nutrition.

Herbalife also became the sponsor of the Finnish National Ice Hockey and was even featured on the jersey worn by each team member.

• 2010-present

Herbalife is already on its 30th year in the business and shows great promises of staying for the many years to come.

Herbalife penetrated the market in numerous countries including Aruba, Georgia, Lebanon, Ghana, Uruguay, Bulgaria, Belarus, Mongolia and Slovenia. Herbalife helped victims of flood, earthquake, tornado and tsunami by sending reliefs to the countries devastated by these natural disasters like Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Thailand, United states and Haiti. More programs were developed by Herbalife The 2012 Most Trusted Brand Award was received by Herbalife Korea in the category of health functional food.