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The Science behind the Success of Herbalife Products

The greatest development in the way of Herbalife product and science was recently inaugurated in the southern bay of Los Angeles in the Herbalife Plaza. The distinguished and dedicated developers and scientists under the guidance of scientific officer Dr Steve Henig, use advance technology to create Herbalife's world class products. Through their efforts the make Herbalife competent, around the globe, to be in the front of producing the best nutritional and weight management products.

Bringing great minds together, our internal science team and nutrition Advisory Board (NAB), made up of distinguished doctors and leading experts in the field of health and nutrition, are the guiding force behind our innovative products.

herbalife backed by renowned team of doctors.

Mark Hughes Cellular and Molecular Nutrition Laboratory at UCLA*

As an extension of our founder Mark Hughes' commitment to scientific research, this laboratory was established at the center of human nutrition at UCLA*. Work done in this laboratory has helped to advance nutritional science through the most progressive research and development technologies available.

herbalife explanation of Cellular Nutrition

Herbalife concentrates on maximizing cellular nutrition through unique, scientific formulations. It's the blends of high quality ingredients and the methods used that preserves their nutrient value. The way we personalize programs to address each individuals need… that's the advantage of Herbalife.